Tyra Banks: Kim Kardashian's Wedding Dress Stylist

Supermodel Tyra Banks knows a thing or two about looking sexy, and Kim Kardashian
is enlisting the America's Next Top Model creator's help for her big day!

Kim Kardashian is all set to tie the knot with the well-known and much talked about basketball player Kris Humphries. While Kris Humphries is a professional at playing basketball, his soon to be wife - Kim Kardashian is a professional when it comes to attracting media attention. Kim can’t contain her excitement as the countdown to her much awaited wedding begins.

 While the world can’t wait until Kim Kardashian reveals her gorgeous wedding gown, Tyra Banks seems to be dropping a few hints about it. Yes, Tyra Banks the creator of America’s Next Top Model. Tyra herself is a famous supermodel known for her amazing fashion sense. And it’s obvious that Kim Kardashian believes the same about the supermodel as they were both seen having a conversation at the VH1’s Do Something Awards.

According to supermodel Tyra Banks, Kim Kardashian has asked for her advice on her wedding dress. Tyra seems to be quite flattered as Kim has requested her to help decide between the wedding gowns. It’s just a couple of days until Kim ties the knot but Tyra has made her thoughts clear on what would suit Kim best. Tyra seems to be a fan of Kim’s curvy figure and has therefore suggested that she ought to wear something “tight”. According to Tyra, why not flaunt your curves to the world as you walk down the aisle on the most special day of your life. And who can argue with that statement anyway?

 However, this is just not all the supermodel has to say. Tyra made it clear that Kim may have followed her advice and so we can expect to see Kim in something that she hasn’t worn before. Apparently she has seen Kim in the wedding gown and can’t stop raving about how beautiful it is. Tyra further added that not only did the wedding gown look beautiful, but Kim actually looked as if she was ready to get married! It surely didn’t look like a normal fitting with Kim looking seemingly radiant. Seems like Kim had her hair done and make up on just the way she plans on doing it for the wedding.

  Well it does seem like Tyra Banks has more to say about Kim Kardashian’s wedding gown than Kim herself. Beside all the talks about Tyra helping Kim design the gorgeous Vera Wang wedding gown, she has yet another remark to be made. This time it is regarding the Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries wedding gift. Tyra claims that she isn’t getting the couple a wedding gift. We don’t quite understand why but I guess Tyra has her reasons. However, she does plain on giving them a kiss while congratulating them.

It would suffice to say that Tyra’s drawing quite a bit of attention to herself while letting the media know that she’s had a big hand in deciding Kim Kardashian’s wedding gown. But hey, Kim doesn’t need to bother about it. After all, she’s got herself a stylist and a fan!